Introducing Aura

Welcome to Aura. We are person-centred care for every cycle.
Introducing Aura

Innovating with fertility clinics to deliver person-centred care for every cycle.

Welcome to Aura.

We’re thrilled you’re here.

It was over three years ago that we first had the idea for an app that would provide wrap-around emotional wellbeing support during fertility treatment cycles.

We had completed many rounds of fertility treatments, joined all the emotional support groups online, and signed up to different fertility networks. 

But we believed there must be something out there that could better connect the fertility community, and better support the emotional wellbeing of people going through IVF. Something that didn’t leave us feeling deflated, isolated, and more confused than ever. 

We’ve been on an exhilarating journey ever since.

So, who are we?

Headshots of the three Aura Co-Founders, Jo, Karen and Abi

Female founded, female-led and female-centred.

Founders Abi and Karen have been through the ups and downs of IVF cycles and emerged from treatment feeling that there must be a better way to support patients. 

“Clinics are excellent at the physical side of IVF. But regulators and patients are now demanding comprehensive whole-patient care” - Abi Hannah, CEO Aura

While fertility clinics are rocking the physical side of IVF, there is still a gap in the emotional, psychosocial wellbeing side.

And so Aura was born.

We aim to empower women with knowledge, evidence-based tools, and emotional support to enhance their treatment journey. 

Powered by experts.

We work with a plethora of experts from acupuncturists, to fertility nurses, to nutritionists, to sex therapists, to urologists, and more!

Each of our experts brings a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of fertility, and each aims to enhance the experience of patients undergoing IVF.

Patients are served content that is personalised, evidence-based, and supports their emotional, behavioural, relational, and cognitive well-being. 

Everything we’ve learnt throughout our own fertility journeys, plus what we’re come to know from experts, and using evidence-based tools, is packaged in a digestive way to serve patients the right support for them. 

A single lightbulb light up on a wooden floorboard

Our mission

We’re in the business of person-centred care for every cycle and are focused on innovating with the UK’s leading fertility clinics. 

  • Stand out to clients, with trusted, whole-patient fertility care.

It is not just the HFEA and ESHRE guidelines that require clinics to provide emotional support, patients themselves are seeking out clinics that go above and beyond to support their emotional wellbeing. Aura is that whole-person wellbeing support during their fertility treatment cycles which is a unique offering.

  • Save time and resourcing on psychosocial support.

Not every patient can and will utilise or benefit from counselling, so we integrate proven tools such as the Fertility Quality of Life questionnaire and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

  • We integrate an 'at risk' alert system into your processes, so you and your patients can have peace of mind. 

Patients have access to a daily mood log which notifies you if they are at risk.

  • We aim to improve the patient experience and optimize fertility outcomes.

Patients are served personalised content, curated education tools, and evidence based coping tools to enhance their 

  • Patients feel supported with personalised advice when they need it most.

Patients are served 24/7 expert-led, real-time support.

A hand holds a love heart

Want to Know More?

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about what Aura can offer your patients.

We’re happy to take you through our offering and exactly how we can support you to provide patients with all their wellbeing needs.

We’d love to hear from you. 

Take the next step to start you on your Aura journey.

A phone with the Aura logo is surrounded by laptops, notebooks, pens, clips and a green plant

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