Founder's Story: Abi

After IVF left co-founder and CEO, Abi Hannah, feeling isolated and numb, she set out to reimagine whole-person care in fertility and humanise the IVF experience. Read her story here.
Founder's Story: Abi
“It was my own journey to parenthood that was the catalyst for Aura.”

Abi Hannah is the CEO and co-founder of Aura.

After suffering a traumatic and isolating journey to parenthood, she felt there must be a better way to experience the fertility journey.

Having previously worked in Healthcare Management Consulting, she decided to channel her fertility experiences with her passion for women’s wellbeing into creating a fertility support app.

Her basic idea: that undergoing IVF can take the human side out of one of the most human experiences - conceiving. She wanted to put the human back in human-making

“When I met my co-founder Karen, who had also struggled to conceive, we knew we had to act.”

Abi and Karen joined forces with Jo, and set to work creating a first app, which had huge success. It became one of Apple’s ‘Hot Right Now’ picks in the App Store.

Using the knowledge they gained from this first version, and speaking with experts, specialists, advisors, and fertility clinics, they developed Aura. 

The Aura app supports fertility clinics to provide pioneering whole-person care for every IVF cycle.

From the get-go, Abi knew that an evidence-based, expert-led offering was integral to provide fertility patients. 

From her own experience, she wanted to provide the support and information that she didn’t have when going through her own treatment. She had made some poor decision based on the wealth of confusing, and often conflicting, information out there, and wanted to provide people with what she would have wished for.

Aura is built on a network of fertility experts that span everything from clinicians, embryologists, urologists, psychotherapists, nutritional therapists, acupuncturists, coaches, and more, which is a real differentiator when it comes to the offering.

We supplement clinic care and provide patients with an ‘aura’ of support.

If you'd like to hear more about what we can offer your clinic, please do get in touch.

We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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