Aura. Your clinic success partner.

Aura works in partnership with fertility clinics to provide whole-patient support and customer insights.
Cardiff University
DTAC certification

Clinic benefits

Stand out to clients, with trusted, whole-patient fertility care

World-leading fertility care

Support. 24/7 expert support across all treatment protocols
Education: Patients are fully prepared, with questions answered and expectations managed
Outcomes. Improved patient experience, mental health and fertility outcomes

Clinic success

10x ROI. Aura reduces staff burden, saves money and improves patient retention
Differentiated clinic offer with Aura patient support driving patient choice
Aura as clinic ambassador, boosts patient loyalty and retention
Save time and resource on psychosocial support
Improve patient experience and fertility outcomes

Data-driven insights

Customer insights. Better understand your patients and their frustrations
Patient management. Collect clinic data to improve patient experience
Benchmarking. Understand the customer journey versus competitors
of users say that Aura has had a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing
of users feel better supported with Aura versus previous IVF cycles
of users would want to use Aura again during IVF treatment

Aura is trusted by fertility industry leaders

“We were thrilled with the quality of Newleaf’s hand-crafted interface components.”
Cameron Price
Art Director, Company
“We needed a template that went above and beyond normal expectations, and that’s just what we got with Newleaf.”
Samantha Pratha
Founder, Company
“The same old look wasn’t going to cut it for our latest and greatest, luckily we found Newleaf.”
Hannah Pearce
Market Analyst, Company
Regulators and patients are now demanding comprehensive whole-person care. Psychosocial support is a clear differentiator for patients in their clinic selection.

Aura is a world-class but affordable solution offering expert-led wellbeing support, integrated with clinic experience.

Aura is what I wished for, when I was going through IVF."
Abi Hannah
CEO, Aura
Abi Hannah
Stars rating 3 out of 5Stars rating 4 out of 5Stars rating 5 out of 5
"Aura has been a lifeline for me, a safety net really - I just wish I’d known about it sooner! Aura is always there, in your pocket, with trusted info and real humans."
Sam Miranda
Patient from Evewell
Stars rating 3 out of 5Stars rating 4 out of 5Stars rating 5 out of 5
"10/10 - people going through IVF need this. It’s super helpful and informative and gives you confidence. Aura helps you navigate your treatment and your life!"
Patient from UR Vistahermosa
Stars rating 3 out of 5Stars rating 4 out of 5Stars rating 5 out of 5
"Aura kept me informed at every step. I went to appointments knowing what to expect, feeling knowledgeable and secure. I felt in control and bothered my clinic less."
Patient from IVI

Our platform is powered by experts and evidence

Developed in collaboration with leading fertility experts, Aura content is produced and peer-reviewed by our hand-picked partners.

Aura embeds the highest standards of HFEA and ESHRE guidance in fertility practice and leverages only the best evidence-based tools.

Powered by experts

Mr. James Nicopoullos
Mr. James Nicopoullos
Clinical Director & Consultant Gynaecologist
Lister Fertility Clinic
Sandy Christansen
Sandy Christansen
Clinical Embryologist and Fertility Coach
Sandy Christansen Coaching
Julianne Boutaleb
Julianne Boutaleb
Consultant Perinatal Psychologist
Parenthood In Mind
Ian Stones
Ian Stones
Male Fertility Specialist & Acupuncturist
Naava Carman
Naava Carman
Master Herbalist & Acupuncturist
The Fertility Support Company
Emma Whitney
Emma Whitney
Lab Director & Lead Genetics Embryologist
The Evewell

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