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The Aura whole-person promise campaign
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Fertility treatment is more than just a procedure

With over 2.5 million IVF cycles carried out globally each year and 9 in 10 patients experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, there is a desperate need to integrate personalised whole-person care throughout the entire treatment journey.

We are calling on all fertility professionals to pledge their support and join the movement to transform the IVF experience.

The Aura whole-person promise

Every person seeking fertility treatment deserves comprehensive and compassionate care, whatever the outcome
We recognize that fertility struggles can have a profound impact on an individual's physical and mental well-being, and we are committed to addressing both aspects of care
We believe in treating the whole person, not just their reproductive system. This means providing support for emotional and psychological needs as well as optimising fertility health.
Stand out to clients, with trusted, whole-patient fertility care
Save time and resource on psychosocial support
We recognize that fertility treatment can be a complex and overwhelming process, and we are dedicated to providing clear, accurate, and up-to-date information to help individuals make informed decisions about their care.
We understand that fertility treatment can be financially burdensome, and we will work to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible
We believe in a patient-centered approach, where the individual's unique needs, preferences, and values are respected and incorporated throughout their treatment
We understand that every person's journey to parenthood is unique, and we will support and respect each individual's path, regardless of the outcome
We will strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment for all individuals seeking fertility treatmen
We pledge to provide whole patient support in fertility, so that every person who seeks our care can feel heard, supported, and respected on their journey to parenthood
We understand that fertility issues have impacts beyond the individual and therefore, we strive to support not only the individual but also their partners, families, and the wider community
Improve patient experience and fertility outcomes

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Jakub Dejewski
The European Fertility Society
James Nicopollous
Clinical Director
The Lister Fertility Clinic
Laura-Rose Thorogood
LGBT Mummies
Rob Smith
Clinic Director
Aria Fertility
Jenny Wordsworth
Milena Mastroianni
Nutritional Therapist
Root and Leaf Nutrition
Ian Stones
Sandy Christiansen
Fertility Coach & Embryologist
Zaria Ayesha
Crystal Vibes UK
Kate Benford
Therapeutic Fertility Coach
Melanie Brown
Nutritional Therapist
Melanie Brown Nutrition
Holly Gibb
Georgie McCulloch
Fertility & Pregnancy Ltd
Karen Sage
Founder - Genetic Counsellor
Fertility Genetics
Julianne Boutaleb
Perinatal Psychologist
Parenthood in Mind
Shauna McMillan
Northern Health & Social Care Trust & Freshfeet Reflexology
Valerie Shaikly
Consultant clinical scientist
Fertility Genetics
Liadh Fitzgerald
Women's Health Network
Carol Kenny
Acupuncturist/ Reflexologist
Absolute Healing
Lauren Massouh
LM therapies
Barbara Scott
Association of Reproductive Reflexologists
Rowena Gledhill
Weymouth Bay Reflexology
Naava Carman
Master herbalist and acupuncturist
The Fertility Support Company
Bahar Coban
Laboratory Andrologist
University college hospital, London
Richa Puri
Nutritional therapist & women’s health pharmacist
Richa the fertility pharmacist
Clare Goulty
Fertility Road magazine
Carly Garrett
Fertility Coach & Reflexologist
Carly Garrett - Fertility. Pregnancy. Wellbeing
Sam Ogunpehin
Nutritional Therapist
Parachute Nutrition
Kassandra Espinoza
ART physician
Clara Gaggero Westaway
Special Projects
Alice Rose
Mindset mentor and coach
Russell Davis
Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach
The Fertile Mind
Emma Haslam
The IVF abroad expert
Your IVF abroad
Hannah Pearn
Fertility Specialist & Educator
Nicola Headley
Fertility Coach
Julia Young
Nutritional Therapist
Nutritional Therapist
Lauren Haring
Fertility Nurse & Coach
Embrace Fertility
Rachel Sherriff
Fertility Acupuncturist
The Fertility Suite
Alison Hall
Nutritional Therapist
Alison Hall Nutrition
Justine Hankin
Justine Hankin Acupuncture